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American Lives Altered Forever


Remembering 9/11: the day that shook America, but never broke our spirit.

Fourteen years ago today…9/11 happened. It sounds so deep in the past and yet, it is still as relevant as ever. Do you remember that day? Did you know someone working in NYC, the north and south towers of the World Trade Center or maybe even the Pentagon? September 11, 2001 shook America to it’s very core. We were left in shock, in pain and vulnerable. This attack took down a major building, but I cannot say it was successful in silencing the American spirit.

Not just a normal day

Each of us woke up that day and went about our normal business. For some it was heading to school and others it was going to work or running errands, but it is safe to say upon the first plane crashing into the side of the World Trade Center’s towers, this day wasn’t going to be a typical one to state it at best.

Whether you were at your destination or in transit, America came to a screeching halt. No one understood what was happening or why it was happening. People who were elsewhere also felt the fear and confusion. Many had loved ones working at the World Trade Center. Other people had loved ones who were on the incoming American Airlines Flight 11 or United Airlines Flight 175. Then the fear was added upon the understanding that people at the Pentagon we soon to be affected too. All tried to frantically call their loved ones to check in with them. Most could not be reached. Those who were able to connect and speak couldn’t talk for long as cell service crashed swiftly.

United in tragedy creating solidarity

The images and emotion that people felt that day are not easily forgotten either. On every television station, whether local or national, coverage was glued on this one monumental event that continued to unveil as another hit was made on the Pentagon. Everyone stepped into help.

At the ground of the World Trade Center, firefighters were called into help rescue and save those who were affected directly by the attack. People were afraid and people were hurt. Priests and other religious members who were close also came to help. It brought so many together despite the severity and tragic nature of the event. People in the tower that was hit were helping each other down the stairs some sacrificing their lives to allow others to head down to safety before them.UnitedweStand911

That day we lost close to 3,000 individuals. “The number of casualties will be more than most of us can bear.” Mayor Giuliani

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Many joined in prayer. Others just simply wanted to join their loved ones and hold them a little bit tighter. For those who paid the ultimate price, they were remembered with the love honor and respect that they deserved.

No one entered their day thinking that morning could be their last–or would be their last for that matter!  That day sent ripples across every state in America and it left everyone affected.

Paying tribute with honor and respect

Just a year after the attack, during the Super Bowl the Anheuser-Busch creative team created another memorable commercial that aired only once. They wanted to share in giving honor toward all those who fell victim to the attack just a year prior. With permission of then New York City Mayor Giuliani, they shot footage in New York. For the full story, click here. There was an updated version that was created for the tenth anniversary which has such  a  beautiful  and  hopeful  message: “We’ll never forget.”

Today if you would visit the World Trade Center, it would look very different than it did fourteen years ago. Since this attack, an organization has been created to help bring awareness and funding toward rebuilding hope in establishing a beautiful memorial. For more information on the 911 Memorial and Museum through the organization, click here to visit their website.

Personally reflecting and remembering that day, the emotion can be overwhelming. In the words of Patrick Henry, “United we stand.” That day, as a nation, we proved that no matter what happened or was going to happen–our spirit runs much deeper than this attack. Ordinary people were acting courageously (heroically!) and compassionately toward others. People were coming together in pray and trying to give aid to fight for survival. This tragedy did shake us up, but it didn’t break our spirit. It changed our nation forever and we will never forget.

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