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Creating Business Success Through Relationships


Strong Business partnerships can lead to business success, friendships and satisfied customers.

At Accu-Label, we believe that to be a successful business in today’s market, you have to focus on relationships. Having the right business solutions only goes so far if you cannot connect on a deeper level with your customers. That’s why establishing strong business partnerships lays the foundation for creating positive business success – it allows you to get to know a person beyond their professional self. That is what Accu-Label experienced when Ashley Ivey of Esko came to install our graphics software for the first time. 

Strengthening and Reinforcing Relationships


Ashley has been a software trainer for Esko now for close to 5 years. She taught our graphic’s team everything they needed to know about the Esko software. Through training, Ashley established a solid working relationship between Accu-Label and Esko–in addition to developing a great friendship with the staff. She truly became a member of the Accu-Label family and continues to keep in touch with some of the staff.

“Through training, Ashley established a solid working relationship between Accu-Label and Esko–in addition to developing a great friendship with the staff.”

Ashley had been working with the Accu-Label team for a little over two years now. She shared the happy news with us that she is getting married in the fall (congratulations again, Ashley!). She wanted to incorporate labels into her wedding, but was unsure about exactly what she wanted, or even all that we could do. Together we created a thoughtful purpose for labels by using them as envelope seals. Our design team co-created a simple label solution that incorporated Ashley’s chic vision. Everything, from the design to production, was consistent with the other aspects of her wedding design.

Thoughtful Solutions for Creative People

Ashley’s design included delicate fine lines, a beautiful array of flowers and an elegant hand written font. Using our Xeikon Cheetah, we were able to take her design and create a label that reflected her vision. She trusted in our ability to deliver an expert product that exceeded her expectations. “My label design included a lot of small detail that would have been a challenge for some ordinary flexo presses. Choosing to go digital was by far the best option. All of the detail came out crisp and with great color accuracy.” said Ashley.

More than a Providing a Label

Customer expectations are high and having known Ashley already made the process a little easier. To us, this project was more than providing a label. It came down to the relationship between Accu-Label and our customer. That was the key that made this project a success.

“The Mannings devote their time to making Accu-Label successful and progressive. Their family via Accu-Label has created jobs for many and makes the work environment welcoming and like one big family. It is always a pleasure to work with Accu-Label as a vendor. Ordering labels from them has proven a delight to work with Accu-Label as a customer also. The turn around time on my order was fast. The customer service was personable and professional. I could not have asked for a better experience.” said Ashley.


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  1. Gib King says:

    Personally, Dave and his family are some of the best people I know. As a business, Accu-Label reflects the the values of the owner. There is no one better to do business with.

  2. Ashley says:

    Shout out to the Acculabel team once again! You continue to stand strong in your ability to efficiently achieve high print quality !

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