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Happy Retirement Ken!


Honoring 16-1/2 years of Exceptional Service

Today marks a very special day…our good friend and colleague Ken Hoyle is retiring! Ken has been at Accu-Label for the past 16-1/2 years in our Estimating Department. Many might know his positive cheerful voice when answering the phone. Always willing to provide each customer with amazing service!

Ken’s surprise lunch. He had no idea what he was in for!

Ken is the most genuine man who sincerely would give you the shirt off his back if you really needed it. He would literally do anything for anyone because that is the kind of person he is. We are excited for him and what the future has in store, even though he will sorely be missed.

Owner and friend, Dave Manning, giving Ken a hug.

Fun-filled Facts

Here are some facts you might not know about Ken:

-He has visited Morocco. He ate at the Sultan’s Palace located in the city of Tangiers; it was a free port back then. There was a large party being thrown and he was invited to join. Everything was covered in alabaster and gold. He noted it was just unreal how beautiful it was.

-Ken has played bass guitar in several bands over the years. While in high school, he played for the In-Mates where every weekend he was traveling for a gig.

-Some of the other bands he played in over the years include The Lords, Past Tense, and Stepping Stone. Another one of his bands was the house band for Bishop Dwenger High School.

-Ken was the 5th and 6th grade girl’s basketball coach at Holy Cross Lutheran coach for 13 years.

Fellow employees celebrating.

-When both his son and daughter were in high school, he would go to all the events. He would volunteer to help bring snacks, help with the extras, and just enjoy seeing his kids in action. His son played soccer at Concordia High School and His daughter ran for Carroll High School. He too was a meet official during his daughters running years.

-He used the money he earned while playing in the bands to help put his 3 children through college. 2 of his children went at the same time!

-Ken loves to go sailing on Lake Erie and Michigan. After a vacation to Alpena in ’95, he discovered that he really loved the water. 4 years later, he bought his first boat.

-He is an active member at his church, Holy Cross. He is an usher as well as cleans up after services.

-He enjoys going to lunch at Sarku with his fellow colleague, Ben.

-Ken is an awesome story teller because he really puts his heart and soul into it. He really tells them with such excitement and emotion.

Retirement cake thanks to Kroger Bakery.

-Ken is a true blue friend that has a gift of being able to brighten anyone’s day! He also gives the best hugs around.

Retirement plan?

Anyone that has gotten a chance to know Ken, knows he isn’t one to rest for very long. The man is constantly on the move! Ken is looking forward to spending time at the lake again and looking into possibly working at the Marina. It is work that relaxes him and that he throughly enjoys.

We are incredibly happy for Ken and what the next chapter has in store for him! We are grateful for his dedication, service, and always willing attitude. He will be missed, but a forever part of the Accu-Family. Best wishes Ken Hoyle!


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  1. Dan Daniels says:

    I had the real pleasure of working beside Ken for about 13 of the 16 years he’s worked at Accu-Label. All of the above statements are absolutely true.

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