Growing from the ground up.

As the proud owner of Accu-Label, I take pride in the company we’ve built from the ground up. I’m glad to know it is, and always will be, centered around my family’s legacy and our passion for what we do.

It all started with my father. He lived with our family and was the one who first witnessed my love for printing from a young age. I, too, quickly realized my love for printing and started working at the local newspaper. I then joined Indiana Stamp (where Custom Label originated) and learned the many aspects of flexographic printing.

After seven years, I realized I wanted to have my own printing business where I could use my passion to explore new avenues of flexographic printing.

With the help of my family, that’s exactly what I did. My father, wife and partner stood beside me as I purchased a press and set it up in our one-car garage. In 1987, Accu-Label had begun with a vision for the future of label making. Quality and service were the cornerstones of our business.

As our desire and ability grew, the garage could no longer support us. In April 1989, we moved into a bigger facility, invested in an additional press, and hired additional employees. The Accu-Label family grew alongside my own. By 1996, we had moved into our current facility in Fort Wayne — a more central location for our clients.

The next year, Accu-Label formed the vision we hold true today: being a family-centered business dedicated to surpassing the expectations of our customers.

After 30 years of service, we’re still dedicated to that vision, and we are still a family-operated business that works together to create exceptional products for our clients. Five children later, we take great pride in working together as a family to keep our legacy alive and growing.


Dave Manning


Accu-Label, Inc.