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Benefits of Promoting Creativity through Community Connections


Students 'wow' using creativity to design ad for local businesses.

Accu-Label celebrates opportunities to be creative. Combine the right opportunity with a student based contest and a chance to give back to their classrooms? That would be a no brainer!

This year, Accu-Label decided to participate in Fort Wayne Newspaper’s ‘Design an Ad Contest’ 2016. Being a first time sponsor, we didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say, the turn out of talent was most impressive.


Accu-Label’s Top 3 Winners

This years contest had over 1,800 participants from around the area, ranging from grades 4 through 12. There were also over 49 local businesses that participated in sponsorship. Each advertisement uniquely represented the sponsors and oh my can we say, wow?

The purpose of this contest is to connect students with local businesses while allowing them to express their creativity in a fun way. The Design an Ad Contest supports the businesses through exposure. It also, offers a chance to meet with the young members of our community. It creates an opportunity for someone to have a relationship with your company that other wise may not happen.

The students benefit through the community’s support of their talents, and receiving prizes that will encourage future use of their creativity. The participating schools also have a chance of winning monetary awards that can be directly used toward classroom supplies. All of which was recognized this past weekend with an awards ceremony at IPFW’s International Ballroom.

Did I mention, every entry had to be drawn by hand? Yes–by hand! That is quite unheard of in this digital age. We believe that is what made this event so much more enjoyable to sponsor.

Accu-Label cannot say enough about the participating artists! It was hard to comprehend this type of excellence coming from such young students. It gave the local businesses a hopeful glance into the future designers of the area. There is a bright future ahead indeed.

If you too, are interested in checking out the winners, they will be published in the May 11, 2016 Design an Ad publication. Be prepared to be amazed!


**Feature image and logo for ‘Design an Ad Contest’ 2016 used with permission of Fort Wayne Newspapers.**

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