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On Trend: The Benefits of Thinking Thin


Label produced on a thinner liner is becoming a common practice across the industry.

A common theme in America’s society today is to always “think thin.” While this theme is usually thought of as referring to body image, it has become a trend that has carried over into different industries.

Many manufacturing industries have started to adapt lean methods of operation to achieve the most cost effective processes in their companies. Others are focusing on finding niches so they are not over-manufacturing products that don’t suit their businesses. Likewise, customers are looking for ways to save money without compromising the product’s integrity.

At Accu-Label, we’re always striving to stay informed of current trends. By improving our products for the customer, they can save money without having to compromise their brand. By suggesting that our not-for-profit customers switch to a thinner liner, they’re able to save money that can easily be allocated to other areas within their budgets.

We have seen the paper and liner we print on evolve consistently into a thinner form over the past few years. When Accu-Label first started printing labels for not-for-profit organizations, we produced products on a #60 layflat liner. This combination was a thicker construction that allowed organizations to have their labels produced with the best quality using a two-sided format.

Quickly, the industry changed the format to a #54 semi-gloss with a #50 layflat liner. This newer construction proved to hold the same quality as the #60 semi-gloss and the layflat liner. This lighter construction saved organizations money. The newest trend we are seeing in the industry is the lightest construction of liner we have seen yet — a #54 semi-gloss with a #41 layflat liner.

Like all industries, not-for-profit organizations are price competitive. Returns earned need to be focused more on their causes than towards the resources they are using to obtain the funds. Offering them the lightest product is how Accu-Label makes that possible for them.

In our experience, by transitioning to a thinner liner, our customers are receiving the same great performance with an added cost savings. In striving to provide the best quality product for our customer, we not only have to look at the product we provide, but we also have to focus on their end use to make premium label products an asset for their organizations. Because we provide the option of a thinner liner, not-for-profits are able to capitalize on the benefits of a more cost effective product that decreases their postage so they can focus on higher return going to their designated association.

Do you have a not-for-profit organization that could benefit for a label package? Remember to “think thin” and contact us at acculabel.com!

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