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We’ve been Scammed!


Receive an email that sounds fishy? Well it probably is!

In June 2017, Accu-Label received word that we were being used in an email scam where individuals from gmail accounts–similar domain to our corporate accounts–had been inquiring about items involving health care, technology, and other miscellaneous goods that have nothing to do with our business. Many were red flags for vendors as it was vague and they recognized these items to be the source of other scams. Some are current vendors, but the vast majority of them are not in our industry and stretch nationwide.

These imposters have been sending purchase orders using our business information and credit applications that mimic our legitimate one all the while changing very minute details. They use a different company’s EIN number, use our bank and vendors information, but change the phone and fax numbers. If one was not careful, it would appear to be us…OH YES, and they have gone as far as forging our owner’s signature on documents!

We have been filing reports with the necessary governing bodies to help put a stop to this madness. Unfortunately, aside from doing our due diligence, filing reports and getting the word out, there really isn’t much else Accu-Label can do at this point. Our only hope is to prevent any financial heartache from innocent parties who may fall into the scam.

If you believe you have received one of these emails, please forward original email plus any attachments to our corporate email account: info@acculabel.com.

Thank you in advance!

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